Lab Grown diamonds

Looking for an alternative to natural diamonds?

You can put your confidence in BiG to help you choose a beautiful, certified laboratory-created diamond. Lab created diamonds are visually the same as earth-mined. These beauties have the same chemicals as natural diamonds and are certified.  

Why consider a lab-grown diamond?

A major benefit of a grown diamond is cost.  These gorgeous diamonds are often 30%-50% less than a natural diamond which means you can get a more stunning stone for less.

Additionally, these stones are a great alternative for those concerned with the environmental and ethical issues that sometimes surround diamond mines.

If you are interested in considering this as an alternative to a natural diamond, we welcome any questions you might have about these beautiful stones.

Lab Grown Diamonds

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I can’t recommend this jeweler enough. Honest service, very caring, careful and incredibly well priced. I had a ring that I thought needed to be resized but because Ron took extra care he ended up recommending a way better solution. He also got it done so quickly which I really appreciated because I was flying overseas! I absolutely love it and I am so happy. Thank you so much for your wonderful service!

Emily (via Google)

I stopped in to just ask Ron some logistical questions about how to design a sapphire and diamond engagement ring using a family diamond. He was so helpful that I decided to to go back and get it all done there. The ring came back all finished super fast and was absolutely beautiful!

Matthew (via Google)

This was our first stop of jewelry stores to purchase my engagement ring. We decided to go to Big Diamond Importer & Fine Jewelry based upon all the great reviews on Yelp and we weren’t disappointed. We knew exactly what band I wanted but wasn’t sure about the size of the diamond. Ron provided us several options and price ranges which was nice because it gave us an idea of what to expect. There was no pressure to purchase and he provided helpful feedback. I couldn’t be happier with the ring I picked up from Ron today. Thank you Ron!

Julie (via Google)